Portals through Time

Ascending the Tower of Thrym

Entering into the icy tower, they found that it was mostly built of stone, but that ice seemed to cover most surfaces, in thicknesses ranging from a thin frost to tens of feet of solid ice jutting outwards.

In the first floor of the tower they found a pool of icy water in the middle of the room, with two ice statues of giants holding giant, curved alphorns facing towards it. Trying to sound the horns was ineffectual—the horns were far too large for their lungs to sound. Cordelia summoned a floating disk and they made their way across the pool, noticing that a coin dropped in was instantly seized by icily stabbing crystals.

On the second floor they found themselves facing a large open room, but setting a toe out over a large, chessboard-like rectangle revealed that the ice could crumble beneath. Looking upwards at a stone carved sign, they found it to be a rough map of sorts, which they used to make their way mostly safely across the room. They also noticed there was a large central pillar that could be loosed and they did so, sending it crashing down into the pool below and freeing a frostwolf cloak that provided magically warmed protection.

Ascending, then, to the third floor, they found an ice statue that dwarfed even the ones at the entrance, a grand frost giant standing with his fist aloft in a victorious salute. Before it stood an altar, plain except for a circular hole a few inches in diameter in the very center, which seemed to correspond to the iron hilts of ice-cast weapons that were arrayed on long tables on either side of the room. Finding no guide to the functions, they plunged one hilt-first into the altar—only to find that it seemed to fill with energy and explode outwards, sending icy shards shooting across the room. Through much trial, error, and quick ducking beneath the altar’s thick stone, they were able to finally embed a waraxe in the altar and the thick icy doors behind the statue opened.

Ascending to the fourth, penultimate floor, the party was surprised to see a number of goliaths—though their manner was not like mortals, more as if they were part undead. The goliaths were still sentient, though, and engaged the party in a brief discussion of Thrym, the frost titan to whom they built this temple tower. When the goliaths realized that they were neither followers nor potential converts, though, they attacked, warning as they fell beneath the party’s blades that Thrymalda would be the end of them. They checked the bodies, which were mostly unadorned, except Cordelia was able to take the robes of the high priest, finding them a good fit and that they sent a ripple of magical energy coursing through her.

Rising, finally, to the top level of the tower, they found a young white dragon etching astrological calculations on the thin, glass-like ice ceiling. She introduced herself as Thrymalda and entertained their discussion briefly—though assuring them there was nothing to do about the caves being frozen, as it was a byproduct of their tower’s power channeling. When the discussion took longer than she was prepared for and started to delay her work, though, Thrymalda attacked.

The early combat went well—it was only a short time before they seemed to have weakened the dragon, her blood staining her white scales dark. The chill of her icy resolve seemed to catch in her breath, though, as Thrymalda unleashed volley after volley of freezing cold breath into the party’s ranks. Spreading out to avoid her breath attacks and cutting off her retreat to cover, though, the party was able to defeat her. They looted her stash and made their way out of the tower, then pleased to find that the ice covering the cave entrance had started to melt.

A few hours of hacking, slashing, magicking, and simply waiting, and the ice had cleared enough for them to pass. They entered into the goliath’s former wintering cave and, finding the back wall nicely bricked and mortared and the remaining ice blocking much of the wind from outside, were finally able to get as good a field’s night sleep as they could expect, waking up energized and ready to brave the caves before them.



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