spear chucking fighter. smarter than he thinks he isn't


Str: 18 Con: 11 Dex: 15 Int: 10 Wis: 14 Cha: 8

HP: 43 AC: 20 Fort: 18 Ref: 16 Will: 14

Feats: Deft hurler, Shield push, Toughness Build: One handed weapon

powers: @ will: Knock Down Assault, Tide of Iron, Cleave(Augment) Encounter: Spinning Sweep, Rain of Blows Daily: Harrier’s Ploy Utility: Pass Forward

Equipment: Dwarven Shield Shadow Dwarf Spear of Blinding


Born Tyr Ionkel, Tyrion took up this abbreviated name so as not to worry his mother.

Clocking in at 6’ tall even, and with an agile muscular build. Dark hair inherited from his father, and light eyes from his mother. Slightly crooked nose, and a few missing molars from his childhood scuffles and early gladitorial career.

Most folks don’t know that Tyrion is an assumed name. Tyrion trained to be a gladiator, focusing on spear and shield tactics in order to keep his hide in one piece. Taking up mercenary work whenever capable, Tyrion found it more fulfilling that fighting other civilized races for no real reason other than sport. Through out his gladiatorial career, he made some solid connections with dwarven smiths (to keep his gear in good repair) and picked up dwarvish language in the process. Tyrion was initially hired on by the eyes of wisdom for a one of mission, and things seemed to work out pretty well.

Tyrion is fairly straightforward, and occasionally gets caught up in the moment and forgets any sort of well laid plans. Smart enough to notice when people say ironic or humourous things, but dumb enough to point them out, or to take poorly worded shots at folks. This however is his way of showing comradire, as opposed to being snide.

However, he does have biases. His mothers first marriage was to an elf, who evenually left her heartbroken and alone to care for their half breed son, Mularo, whom was called Mulgott as an insult by his step father. Durandal Ionkel later married his mother, and spoke extremely poorly of feykin whenever inebriated. Not knowing any better, he absorbed these biases, and has since slowly begun to learn that they may not be entirely true.

Tyrion would end up joining a small adventurers group named the eyes of wisdom, allying with the human wizard Cordellia, the Dwarven avenger Anthrack, and to his frequent annoyance, and occasional arguing Minuet the half-elf bard. As their journeys continued, aAthrack left, called by his god to serve some other pressing matter, and was replaced by Kilya, a human rogue.

While trying to settle a frequently interrupted dispute between a village of elves, humans, and half elves, and the land owner of their settlement, Tyrion made quite a lot of progress with being more tolerant. Sadly, this was for naught, as he was felled in battle protecting the town with his fellow adventurers.

A goblin war band decided to raid the town, and to end the life of the land owner, whose grand father had beaten back this goblin clan once before, earning his family these lands. Using baiting spear tactics, and with the help of his fellows, especially kilya, the 4 defeated the heavy seige beast of the war band, a tremendous ogre.

But it was the war leader, Hruntas, who wounded Tyrion fatally after a drawn out scuffle. Despite the parties best efforts, Tyrion passed on the battle field. Though sad he died, it was not in vain, the town was saved, and the arguing leaders, in memory of the fallen spear fighter, set aside their differences, and made the Treaty of Tyrion, allying the two factions. A momument is being built to honor all of those who fell that day in Anduin


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