Kilya Mooreh

Wet behind the ears rogue who's sometimes a little *too* competative


Demographics: Female, Age 19, slight build, brown hair, green eyes

STR: 10 CON: 12 DEX: 21 INT: 10 WIS: 8 CHA: 14

HP: 39 AC: 20 FORT: 15 REF: 21 WILL: 16

Feats: Backstabber, Human Perseverance, Dirty Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting

Powers: At Will: Sly Flourish, Riposte Strike, Piercing Strike Encounter: Guarded Attack, Trickster’s Blade Daily: Easy Target Utility: Quick Fingers

Equipment: Subtle Dagger +1 Sylvan Leather Armor +1 Tangler (left arm) Surefoot Boots Amulet of Protection +1


Born in a teeming coastal port, Molly Carter was orphaned during a sweep of fever. Upon noting her natural talent at lifting whatever she liked from the merchant stands, the local Thieves Guild quickly appropriated her and redirected her towards more profitable targets. She spent several years partnered with a half-elf by the name of Lasarali. Lasarali was an enthusiastic follower of Sehanine and by and large it rubbed off on his impressionable protégé, as did his mother’s tongue. Molly proved single-minded in pursuit of her targets and desire to prove herself as a world-class sneaky rogue. As a team they had a nearly-perfect success rate. However, she was rather lacking ability in strategy, foresight, subtlety…and just plain deviousness; that was always Lasarali’s department.

When Molly was about 18, the two were sent on to infiltrate the compound of a moderately important city noble to obtain documents for future blackmail but they soon discovered that they had been set up as a distraction for the Assassin’s Guild (stupid assassins). The alarm was raised just as they’d gained the private study, guards could be heard running from all sides…so of course the two decided to split up. Lasarali gave her his amulet (Amulet of Protection +1) as he pushed her out the window and he ran down the hall. Molly prayed to Sehanine the entire time she was escaping the compound and credited the goddess’ good grace with her continued freedom. Knowing how seriously the city powers took assassinations, she didn’t stop moving until she was out of the city on the first caravan she could find…

The rogue “Kilya” turned up in Ironheim right around the time the Eyes of Wisdom were in need of an extra blade, which worked out well for her – She really wasn’t sure what she’d find in that backwater but had convinced herself it would be totally boring. Not so!

Eyebrows were raised at the sadly obvious pseudonym but being accustomed to individuals of dubious backgrounds everyone she encountered declined to question her and were polite enough not to point out that, when distancing oneself from one’s “youthful indiscretions”, pseudonyms are supposed to make a person less memorable, not more so.

Kilya is generally quiet and laid back, willing to let others do the talking and determine who/what/when/where. As she travels with the EOW more she’s become more willing to take some initiative in their conversations but isn’t terribly invested in any one course of action.

It has been noted that she can be a bit too competitive during battles – as seen in her desire to hunt down and kill every last gnome in the Underground Fortress simply to prove that the gnomes couldn’t “really” be superior to her in sneaky attacks. Thankfully most of her companions have a bit more common sense. It may start to rub off at some point.

Having failed at disarming several traps or determining the presence of doppelgangers until much too late, Kilya is starting to realize that she might actually need to learn a bit more before going independent.

-Kilya isn’t too keen on nobles in general and the verdict is still out on this mage Cordelia…She seems quite willing to let Kilya take a beating and isn’t always careful about who is on the receiving end of her magic. On the other hand, having someone noble-like around can open some otherwise locked doors and magic can be useful…

-/+ Mulgott’s a little too new to the group for Kilya to have formed an opinion. He’s not nearly as fun as his brother but so far his goals don’t look like they’ll get her killed…

+Kilya genuinely enjoys Minuet’s company (and her songs!) and especially appreciates her ability to provide legitimate distractions. She’s also grateful that someone in the group makes decisions and that those decisions usually work out to the mutual profit of all involved.

G: Afraid to return to her home city as Molly, Kilya is nevertheless concerned with the fate of her friend and mentor Lasarali. She hopes to one day return to her home city and learn the truth. She also wouldn’t be opposed to wiping out every person responsible for their setup and leaving their corpses hidden where none would ever find them.

Kilya Mooreh

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