Cordelia Hightower


Unassuming, but with marks of being brought up in the noble class. Bookish, and occasionally heedless of her appearance. (unbrushed hair, stained clothes, etc) She has long, curly, dark hair that usually is messy. She is tallish, but looks kind of scrawny. Cordelia Hightower is the daughter of Maurius Hightower and his second wife Vanessa, who was a traveler before they married. She was his favorite and the one he chose to groom for wizardry. She looks much like Vanessa, who died in childbirth. She has two older siblings from the first Lady Hightower, Sarah. They are over ten years older. The eldest, her half brother, is Maurius Hightower II. Her half sister is Francine Winthrop, she has three young children. Both siblings have distanced themselves from the Hightower clan, believing that Maurius I has pulled the name down by marrying a commoner, and one with a dubious reputation. In his older years, Maurius seemed to descend into dementia, letting the fields go fallow and selling the Hightowers’ prized possessions. He used the money to buy ritual scrolls and to give the servants a bit of money before sending them away. He gave Cordelia his spellbook and sent her away as well. When she turned to look back, the Hightower house heaved and violently imploded. She is released from the family hierarchy and can finally use the spells she learned. But she knows that her father did not tell her everything he knew. Even the spellbook gifted to her contains some unreadable shorthand and mysteriously missing pages. Cordelia craves more knowledge, and to surpass the man who taught her. (Psst, that’s a goal, ahem.)

In regards to her companions. . . Minuet: Cordelia likes Minuet despite her generally goody-two-shoes behavior and wholesome songs. Minuet’s crazy, whimsy makes things more interesting. It is actually Minuet’s passionate ::cough:: ::rabid:: ::cough:: desire to do good that makes Minuet trust her the most.

Kilya: Kilya is a great asset to the Eyes of Wisdom, and Cordelia appreciates that enemies get stabbed good and hard. They are usually on the same wavelength of about being practical and utilitarian about things, and this helps them get along. But she makes Cordelia want to sleep with one eye open. Cordelia likes rare, strange, expensive things, and it seems like Kilya would like the money those things could sell for.

Mulgott: Why is this guy with the Eyes of Wisdom when all they do is talk about how awesome his brother is and chick lit? Well, not chick lit, but he seems like a square peg in a round hole. All the same, Cordelia likes having another magic user around, and she can sympathize with kind of hating your family. The meaner side of her thinks of Mulgott as Meatshield 2.0. Mulgott has more tricks, and tricks are fun. It’s true that Tyrion is the reason why she’s still alive, and she has affection for him like one would have for a big, obedient, mastiff.

Cordelia Hightower

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