A half elf bard quick in wit and gifted with words


HP: 44 AC: 21 FORT 13 REF 14 WILL 18 STR 10, CON 12, DEX 8, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 21 Speed 5

Trained in Arcana, Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, and Streetwise

Virtue of Prescience Bard Languages known: Common, Elven, and Dwarven Feats: Alchemist, Extended Prescience, Prescient Fortification, Rousing Voice

Equipment: Vicious Longbow +2, basic Wand, Tombforged Chainmail +1, Everlasting Provisions, Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit, Lyre, and Arrows

Powers: At Will: Vicious Mockery and Jinx Shot Encounter: Eyebite, Majestic Wordx2, Words of Friendship, Prophesied Strike, and Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade Daily: Arrow of Warning and Vigorous Cadence Utility: Song of Courage

Wealth: Currently at around 249 gold


Minuet is a bit of a klutz and a loud mouth. Growing up in a family of 20 being loud became a necessity to get noticed. With not enough to go around she set out seeking adventure at the age of 10. She tagged along with trading caravans singing songs and telling tales. With each journey her skills became more refined until people in cities began to pause to listen to her songs in the streets. She refuses to stay quiet in the face of evil or danger which has often gotten her into trouble. She is also not the most tactful.

+ Minuet has great respect for Cordelia’s arcane abilities and would feel more than comfortable deferring to her expertise on issues of a magical nature.

- Mulgott rubs Minuet the wrong way. Minuet finds the way Mulgott speaks of his half-brother Tyrion to be disrespectful.


  • Minuet has heard of a weapon called a songbow while passing through a city. Entranced by the story she has been searching for the weapon ever since.
  • Minuet’s thirst for adventure is as strong as it ever was. But what she’s really looking for is new songs and particularly new languages to learn. She keeps an eye out for beginner’s texts and translations on languages she has yet to learn.


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