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It is a small world through which our heroes tread, bordered by uncrossable mountains to the west, impenetrable and elf-guarded forests to the east, and vast oceans around. It is also young: the two human nations of Mallium and Korend have record of only about two hundred years of history. Yet this world that only recently took its first stumbling steps is beginning to move in leaps and bounds: the first diplomatic envoys began their continental crossings about twenty years ago, and since then trade has flourished between the two countries, stirring cultural change. In Mallium, to the north, an influx of livestock has cut the binding thread of labor availability and sparked fierce, and sometimes deadly, commercial contests, while in the south Korend’s shipyards benefited from an infusion of Mallian knowledge and craftsmen and they have become focused on exploiting—or annexing—the Western Wilds on the opposite side of the divisional ridge. Will the countries’ ambitiousness affect the previously friendly relations?

Yet these high-level politics are not the concern of the Eyes of Wisdom. For there are neighboring kingdoms whose borders are not as easy to find on a map but whose denizens nonetheless are taking a keen interest: portals from the feywild and shadowfell have been growing increasingly active, lately, long-still skeletons becoming infused with life and inconspicuous clearings transforming to elven glades by night. What—or who—has stirred these planar crossings to life? What is their desire? Communication? Subjugation?

. . . Destruction?

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